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New TL880Spy release:
TL880Spy 1.3
Aug. 11, 2007 16:25:00 MDT
New release:
MyHD 0.2.3
Mar. 28, 2007 02:20:00 MDT
New release:
MyHD 0.2.2
Jan. 23, 2007 00:35:00 MST
New tool release:
TL880Spy 1.2
Jan. 19, 2007 19:30:00 MST

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MyHD Linux Driver

Development Status

The TL880 driver does not support video capture or normal playback at this time, but we need as many people as possible to run tests to help the driver move along.

The tools support turning on the display of an external monitor at a few resolutions and refresh rates. The included framebuffer driver is hard coded at 1024x768, 60Hz, 32-bit color.

The Linux driver and tools are capable of loading and displaying images on the TL880's OSD. View the following video to see exactly what can be done. Much work is still needed, but progress is being made quickly. Just a few months ago it wasn't possible to display anything but the built-in color bars and a mouse pointer. The included framebuffer driver allows the latest version of the fbi image viewer to play slideshows and display most image formats. The video below was made before the framebuffer driver was written.

Old OSD Test Video (FFMPEG4) - generated with:
tools $ / ; dpc/videoout 1 ; ./iocwritereg 10000 3f ; ./osdimage cloud.raw ; 
	sleep 2 ; ./osdimage ~/src/suzi/suzi.Y ; sleep 1 ; ./writemem 2d8000 5ff0000b ; 
	sleep 2 ; ./writemem 2d8008 218000

It is possible to read from, write to, and otherwise alter the TL880's registers and memory using command-line tools in Linux and the TL880Spy graphical tool in Windows.

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